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North for Winter

not a summer girl

Not a summer girl
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Kylie from urban dictionary:

i. a word use for a girl thats fine and has a tight pussy you can’t pass up.

ii. when a woman sits on a person’s face and forces them to fight for air.

iii. a dumb bitch that’s like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn.

iv. a girl that laughs. And laughs..and laughs.

Urban Dictionary wasn’t around in 1984 so my mother had no idea that the name she chose for me would become slang for a dumb promiscuous bitch who laughs a lot with a tight pussy and a penchant for sitting on people’s faces and suffocating them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, whatever you prefer) I don’t live up to the entire Urban Dictionary definition of my name, except for the laughing part, I laugh a lot and loudly.

I like my coffee with chicory & my red bull with vodka. However I understand its not possible to have the things that you like all the time so I usually settle for red bull sans vodka and a soy latte.

I like to swim but prefer winter to summer. I would gladly give up swimming all the time to live in a city where it snowed. When I see snow, I make snowmen. I love to make snowmen. But I don’t ski or snowboard or ice skate, all of those activities look dangerous to someone who has little co-ordination. I really like road tripping around America but living in Australia makes it a little hard to do very often.

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