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Posted on 2010.01.31 at 19:55
I'm still finding it hard to settle in. I've told everyone I'm back into the routine but truthfully I'm not. I don't want to be here, my heart just isn't in it anymore. Not even the fact that we are touring Tom Green one of my all time favourites has made me feel one iota better.

I knew my heart was no longer in anything when my boss asked me to get some theatre avails to put a run together for a potential tour from one of my absolute favourites at the end of the year. If I was to get given this tour to co-ordinate it would be the biggest, most stressful, but most rewarding thing ive ever done and would be a huge plus for my resume. But I simply can't get excited about it, in fact I felt like crying at the whole idea of going through immigration processes to bring people here when I just want to be there.

It sucks it really fucking sucks. The only thing thats keeping me going is trying to figure out how I'll move there. I've given myself at least one more year maybe two in this job just to get experience then i'll start applying for similiar jobs maybe in TV production as a production assistant or even PA in the entertainment industry or maybe even tour coordination if i can get more experience.

But meh I'm kinda miserable right now. My new years resolution was not to wallow in it so im trying real hard not to.

Anyways I'm at facebook more than what I am here now I forget about this place.

facebook.com/thisiskylies if we arent already friends on it.

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